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Commercial — Clifton

When your bed and breakfast is also a popular event destination for weddings, anniversaries and corporate parties, it’s vital that the space looks great all the time. Although this space was originally designed 10 years ago, we continue to work closely with the client, directing their maintenance staff and gardeners.

Landscapes are living areas that change every week, and our goal is to maintain the original design intent, while allowing for business growth and evolution. For example, over time we’ve added a vegetable garden, a level tent pad and addressed storm damage. We continue to adjust the design as plants grow up and new spaces are available at ground-level. Our ongoing commitment to the property ensures consistency and grows the investment in the beautiful space — one of the reasons this B&B is such a popular wedding destination.

Commercial — Willow Grove

Bed and breakfasts have unique challenges for landscaping and design. The site needs to retain a residential, comfortable appeal, yet stand up to the rigors of increased foot traffic and heavy use. Plus, they need to look great, all year. Other considerations include ensuring buildings and grounds are ADA compliant, and having space available for events.

This property has several buildings, including cottages and a restaurant, so the design and features needed to promote safe movement between areas, while still creating private gardens for retreats, individual cottages or use as smaller, more intimate event spaces. The end result are beautiful paths between gardens, with plants and features to that provide privacy while effortlessly linking spaces.



Residential – Wilcox

As a younger couple planning a family, this client wanted to create a space with increased privacy and separation from the street on their corner lot in an urban environment. A sloped yard and alley behind the property compounded the challenge.

The family accesses the house via the back door from a parking area, and our design created gardens between the living and parking areas, replacing a simple path up the slope. We leveled a portion of the lot and used a wall to provide some separation between areas, providing a terrace for seating and a flat area for children to play.

Strategic plantings and garden features provide increased privacy, creating a “room” feel in the yard, despite the corner lot in a city.


Residential – Naess

The design esthetic in Europe is quite different from the United States, and when this client relocated to the States, she was keenly interested in traditional American plants, with a wilder, garden feel. The home was fairly typical, with a driveway to the garage, and a small path close to the house to the front door.

Our approach was to separate the parking area for guests and visitors from the practical garage access, and create a blend between the walkway and the wild garden feel. A parking court was designed for the front of the house, with a stone walkway approach that reveals the house and a secluded seating area as you approach. The gardens and new walkway create a more dramatic, yet friendly approach to the house, and the seating area is a private nook in the front of the house.